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Blog 37- Restoring Load Capacity in the Injured Runner. By Dane Verwey

  Blog 37: Restoring Load Capacity in the Injured Runner:   (24/10/2018) By Dane Verwey   Continuing on from last weeks blog about the importance of; ‘monitoring LOAD in training’, it made logical sense to make this blog about; ‘how to improve Load capacity and tolerance’. I learnt some important lessons about just how strong […]

Blog 36: RunTherapy: The single reason why runners get injured? And how to avoid this! By Dane Verwey

Run Therapy: Entry 1 Blog 36 (18/10/18) Hi all, it’s Dane Verwey here and I am back again for another blog, blog 36! Closing in on the half tonne! For this week’s blog I am going to try something different. Through the ‘Breaking 2:24 Project’ blog series I blogged a lot about ‘marathon training’. This […]

Blog 34: Living with a runner: A partners perspective! By Jess, Bianca, Sham and Rachel. (Interview by Dane Verwey).

Blog 34 4/10/18   Living with a runner: a partners perspective!   I’ve talked a lot about running and us runners so far in my blogs but what our lovely partners?! How do they cope? Are they on-board with our crazy running endeavours? Surely, they get bored? Are we too selfish?   This topic was […]