Blog 34: Living with a runner: A partners perspective! By Jess, Bianca, Sham and Rachel. (Interview by Dane Verwey).

Blog 34 4/10/18   Living with a runner: a partners perspective!   I’ve talked a lot about running and us runners so far in my blogs but what our lovely partners?! How do they cope? Are they on-board with our crazy running endeavours? Surely, they get bored? Are we too selfish?   This topic was […]

Blog 33- Recovery, Reflections and Where to next? By Dane Verwey

Blog 33   27/9/2018   To blog or not to blog?   The whole idea of setting up Run Culture was to pump out interesting running content for as many ‘passionate’, ‘like-minded’ runners as possible, on a weekly basis.   Now that, ‘The Breaking 2:24 project’ has been completed (on that: I’m still basking on […]