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Blog 38- An interview with recent Thai National record holder Tony Payne from Sunday’s Frankfurt marathon!

Mate, before we launch into your amazing run yesterday can you please introduce yourself to the readers? I’m Tony Payne, 29 – a marathon runner representing the Thailand national team. Where are you currently living? Where have you lived and what’s your heritage? I’m currently living in London. I was born in Dunedin, New Zealand […]

Blog 37- Restoring Load Capacity in the Injured Runner. By Dane Verwey

  Blog 37: Restoring Load Capacity in the Injured Runner:   (24/10/2018) By Dane Verwey   Continuing on from last weeks blog about the importance of; ‘monitoring LOAD in training’, it made logical sense to make this blog about; ‘how to improve Load capacity and tolerance’. I learnt some important lessons about just how strong […]

Blog 36: RunTherapy: The single reason why runners get injured? And how to avoid this! By Dane Verwey

Run Therapy: Entry 1 Blog 36 (18/10/18) Hi all, it’s Dane Verwey here and I am back again for another blog, blog 36! Closing in on the half tonne! For this week’s blog I am going to try something different. Through the ‘Breaking 2:24 Project’ blog series I blogged a lot about ‘marathon training’. This […]

Blog 34: Living with a runner: A partners perspective! By Jess, Bianca, Sham and Rachel. (Interview by Dane Verwey).

Blog 34 4/10/18   Living with a runner: a partners perspective!   I’ve talked a lot about running and us runners so far in my blogs but what our lovely partners?! How do they cope? Are they on-board with our crazy running endeavours? Surely, they get bored? Are we too selfish?   This topic was […]