Run Therapy


As well as a passionate distance runner of 20 years, I am also a passionate physiotherapist of 10 years.

I specialise in treating runners with running injuries. This is what I know best and it is my passion!

I currently practice at Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre (a great practice!) on 131 Lower Dandenong Rd on Monday(8am-3pm), Tuesday(1pm-8pm), Wednesday(11.45am-8pm) and Fridays(12am-8pm).

Please call reception on 95842000 to make an appointment.

Otherwise for injured runners around the world that can’t get to this brick and mortar practice, contact me at as I also do Telehealth consultations via Skype. I am currently successfully treating several runners at the moment across Australia and internationally.

Anyway, here’s to fun pain free running!